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Online Terma Elements Pre Installation Checks and Advice


Thermostatic Electric Heating Element 

Read Before Installation – Important

hazard.png Yellow Warning triangle info.png


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hazard.png Terma heating element is not suitable for central heating systems where water temperature may exceed 82°C.

A thermal fuse installed in a heating element prevents its operation in dry conditions. Installation of the heating element in high temperature systems will damage the fuse even when the device is not connected to electricity.


hazard.png Ensure that the radiator is filled with a heating medium before switching the heating element on. 

Turning on the device installed in a “dry”radiator will damage the heating element.


hazard.png Ensure that at least one of the radiator valves is open before you turn on the heating element. 

Rising temperature increases a liquid’s volume. To avoid excessive pressure build-up inside the radiator (which will damage the heating element), please leave one of the radiator valves open. For detailed instructions, please see the electric radiator manual’s “air cushion” section.


hazard.png Filling the towel rail radiator with a heating medium that is too hot will cause damage to the thermal fuse installed in the heating element.




Hazard Sign Don’t overfill the towel radiator – leave an air cushion. 

When filling an electric radiator (those not intended for central heating installation), please remember to leave an appropriate free space inside the radiator (an air cushion). This is necessary due to liquid expansion at high temperatures.

The absence of an air cushion will lead to a pressure increase inside the radiator which is a serious safety hazard and may damage the heating element.


Hazard Sign Always use a spanner when installing a heating element. 

Installation of the heating element should be done with the use of a 22 or 24 spanner (see manual). The use of incorrect tools or twisting the head of the heating element will cause mechanical damage to the device.



Hazard Sign Installation and use of the heating element positioned upside down will render the device ineffective and unsafe, therefore it is not permitted under warranty.



Hazard Sign Avoid turning on the heating element when it is not fully immersed in the heating medium, as this is a damage risk. 

The heating element should be checked when fully immersed in a heating medium. For testing purposes it is safe to turn on a “cold” heating element for a maximum of 5 seconds.



Hazard Sign Correct operation of the heating element when positioned horizontally requires meeting the additional conditions stated below.

Operation in horizontal position may result in problems with correct circulation of a heating medium inside the radiator and adversely effect the device’s performance. When/If you are installing the heating element horizontally, please

check the heat distribution within the radiator and make sure that the small pipe containing the temperature sensor and thermal fuse is not positioned underneath or above the heating element. The manufacturer does not recommend the installation and use of heating element positioned horizontally. Any claims resulting from a use of heating element installed in such position will not be accepted.




Hazard Sign Use suitable heating mediums.

 Inappropriate heating mediums may cause residual build-up on the heating element, reducing its power output and leading

to the damage of the device. If you are in daubt please feel free to contact us at anytime.


correct additive


Hazard Sign Check that the temperature sensor is not touching the heating element.
The small pipe containing the temperature sensor should be at least 3mm away from the heating part of the device.
This will ensure that the correct heating medium temperature measurements are recorded and regulated. 




Hazard Sign To the user – always read the manual!

The information provided in your manual is important for your safety, satisfactory product performance and the longevity of the product.

Please study the manual thoroughly as claims placed on the grounds of incorrect installation and use will not be accepted.


This Guide Is for Terma REG3 & MEG & MOA & KTX-3 Models.


If you have any queries please contact us or Terma to speak with an expert.

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